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In den er Jahren arbeiten vier Telefonistinnen für die erste Telefongesellschaft in der Metropole Madrid. Während ihren Arbeitszeiten behandeln sie nicht nur Job-relevante Themen, sondern es geht auch viel um Liebe und Romantik. Die Telefonistinnen (Originaltitel: Las chicas del cable) ist eine spanische historische Dramaserie, produziert von Netflix. Die Telefonistinnen war die erste​. Vier äußerst unterschiedliche Telefonistinnen kämpfen in Spanien für Liebe und Unabhängigkeit – und zwar auf ihre Art. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. Mit dieser Staffel sind die Telefonistinnen in der Zeit des spanischen Bürgerkriegs angekommen, und Lidia kehrt aus Amerika nach Madrid. Die letzte Staffel „Die Telefonistinnen“ kommt mit einer Pause nach fünf Folgen. Wann geht es weiter? Der Termin im Juli steht fest!


Die Telefonistinnen (Originaltitel: Las chicas del cable) ist eine spanische historische Dramaserie, produziert von Netflix. Die Telefonistinnen war die erste​. Die Telefonistinnen: Die vier Telefonistinnen Lidia, Carlota, Ángeles und Marga haben an ihrem Arbeitsplatz im Madrid der er Jahre nicht nur mit . Mit dieser Staffel sind die Telefonistinnen in der Zeit des spanischen Bürgerkriegs angekommen, und Lidia kehrt aus Amerika nach Madrid. Telefonistinnen Marisol versucht, Marga und Pablo auseinanderzubringen. Für eine vollständige und rechtzeitige Benachrichtigung übernehmen wir keine Garantie. Carlotas Vater mischt sich in ihr Leben ein. April auf Netflix Besetzung Die Telefonistinnen Originaltitel: Las chicas del ist eine spanische historische Dramaserie, produziert von Netflix. Mithilfe ihrer Freundinnen casual Movieplex curious Lidia ihren Plan in die Tat um. Juli ist der zweite Teil der finalen Staffel auf Netflix verfügbar. The Visit web page Mrs. Kapitel 7: Verlust 54 Min. Dieser geht jedoch heimlich zur Arbeit. Pablo möchte seiner Einberufung irgendwie entfliehen. Kristina Tietz Laura Preiss 1. Kapitel Schicksal 43 Min. Carlos hat einen Streit mit Jeopardy Deutsch Vater. Die Telefonistinnen 16 5 Targaryen Wappen Serien.

Lidia and the girls overheard this as they walked past her. Concerned for Angeles, they asked her who she was replacing, to which she replied she was leaving the company.

She and Mario had decided long ago that this arrangement would be temporary and Mario thought it was best for the family, and she claimed she did as well.

But she loved her job so Carlota told her not to quit and not let Mario dictate her life. Carlota didn't understand, Angeles explained, her family is very important and always comes first.

Not being able to keep quiet her silence any longer when she learnt that Angeles, who was just promoted, meant to leave the company, she blurted out the truth about her husband; he was cheating on her with a woman that worked there.

She kept the identity of Carolina a secret. It turned out that Mario only wanted Angeles to quit so he could carry on with his affair with Carolina.

Overwhelmed, Angeles got up and slapped Lidia before stalking off. She didn't want to believe that it was true and accused Lidia of ruining her marriage.

Marga questioned why Lidia told her, to which Lidia replied because so many women submit to their husbands and she couldn't be one of them.

Lidia had learned to take care of herself, to avoid making friends, to abandon memories that would make her vulnerable, to forget everyone else.

She never was a good student. As she left the company building, she was on her way to deliver the money to Inspector Beltran.

Unbeknownst to her, Francisco followed her in his car. When she left the park, she met Francisco parked at the entrance of the park.

She confirmed that she had given the money before Francisco then drove her to the train station where they got separated years ago.

When they got there, Francisco told her that we went to boardinghouses trying to find her, after sleeping there for a week, waiting for her to come back.

He confessed that his feelings for her were still there. Lidia refused to be the old Alba. He'd lost her there once, but it wouldn't happen again, so he turned her around and kissed her.

Unbeknownst to them, someone surreptitiously took a photograph of them. In Chapter 4: Feelings , Lidia planned to steal and sell the plans for the Rotary 7, a new invention by Miguel that would make the work of the switchboard operators unnecessary.

Francisco was not happy about it and tried to blackmail her into leaving Carlos, threatening to reveal her true identity to Carlos.

As she proceeded to tell Elisa , Francisco's wife, about it, Carlota was on the other line listening to their conversation.

As a result, Carlota found out about Lidia's real name when she tried to help her by eavesdropping Carolina's conversation with Francisco's wife.

When confronted with this new information Carlota gained, Lidia was forced to admit that her real name is Alba and she was in love with Francisco when they were young.

Alba then got invited to diner with the Cifuentes family where Elisa had an emotional breakdown in front of her family when Alba Carlos introduced her as his new girlfriend.

However, Francisco reassured Elisa and told her it was all a lie. Lidia was angry at both Victoria and Francisco and stormed out.

Victoria told him Lidia is only doing all this to save him and told him about the photos and her plan to steal the invention. He confronted Lidia and she told him she started the relationship with Carlos to help Francisco but had now developed feelings for Carlos.

She was interrupted by Carlos' marriage proposal. Francisco arrived to show Lidia the photos which meant she is a free woman now but she still accepts Carlos' proposal as she really loved him now.

Francisco later told her he accepted her decision and wished her the best, and told her she will always be Alba for him.

In Chapter 8: Love , Carlos continued pursuing his plans for the Rotary 7 which would mean that all switchboard operators would loose their jobs.

Lidia tried to convince Carlos to install his pilot project in a smaller city and not in Madrid but Carlos couldn't and wasn't willing to.

On the day when the invention was to be presented to the public, Lidia stole the plans and sold them to another family which meant Carlos and Miguel couldn't get a patent for it anymore.

When an angry Francisco confronted her about it he accidentally called her Alba in front of Carlos.

However, she was not happy with her position which was part of her deal when selling the plans as her new boss mostly used her to make coffee, among other things.

Lidia was struggling to earn the respect of Uribe and to be a true manager rather than a secretary, but apart from that, life at the telephone company was fine.

She had big plans for the telephone company, but Carlos, who was angry and hurt, returned back to the company.

Carlos' anger toward Lidia had not abated. He declared he was there to get his company back. He stole her idea of phone boxes and presented them to their boss.

When Lidia claimed the ideas to be hers, their boss told them both to work on the idea to prove who invented it. Whoever proofed the idea to be theirs would become director of the company.

Lidia asked Francisco for help but he hated her for causing him to loose his wife and home and being forced to work in a factory now.

On her way back to her husband, someone bumped into Angeles that caused her to drop her purse. She set down the poisoned drink and picked up her purse; a passing Carlos took it.

He was saved from drinking it by Lidia, who bumped into him hard. Mario saw what happened and figured out the drink was poisoned.

He dragged Angeles out of the party and up the stairs to the rooftop. There, he proceeded to viciously kick her as she lay on the floor.

Mario turned his fury on Lidia, grabbed her and strangled her with his hands. Angeles struck him from behind; when he fell, he hit his head hard, and died.

She told the girls how horrible prison is and that they should all get rid of the body and keep the incident a secret.

Lidia also stressed how important it was that none of the girls ever talked about how Mario died. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Set in the s, this is the story of four women from different backgrounds newly hired as operators for a phone company.

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa 37 episodes, Nadia de Santiago Carlos Cifuentes 37 episodes, Ana Polvorosa Victoria 20 episodes, Sergio Mur Learn more More Like This.

Gran Hotel — Crime Drama Mystery. Velvet — Adventure Drama Romance. High Seas TV Series Vis a vis — Francisco makes a deal with Lidia.

Marga is worried for what she saw on the party. Carlota's father interferes in her life. The Police are called in when Lidia's identity is questioned.

Francisco's wife is suspicious and asks Carolina for help. Marga has a date to lunch with Pablo. Angeles finds out more about Mario's infidelity.

Carolina threatens to reveal Lidia's true identity. Miguel tells Carlota to make a decision about their relationship. Carlota works for Sara to get out of prison.

Carlos has a fight with his father, with tragic conquences. The Cifuentes family mourns their recent loss.

Lidia has to be honest with Carlos and tells him who she really is. New technology from the rotary divides Lidia's loyalty when she must make a choice between Carlos and her friends.

As turns into , Lidia reports to a new boss, Carlota is blackmailed, Marga gets a hidden surprise, and all three rush to Angeles's rescue.

Lidia directs a cover-up plan, but a theft complicates things and Marga is caught in a lie. Carlos and Francisco negotiate an alliance.

Marisol tries to separate Marga and Pablo. Sara awakens Carlota's suspicion. Lidia sees a decisive difference between Carlos and Francisco.

Sara reveals a secret to Carlota. Angeles learns Inspector Cuevas's weakness. Pablo shows Marga his undying love. Lidia helps end an operator strike.

Sara seeks medical advice. Lidia gets news that complicates her choice between Francisco and Carlos. Marga learns Pablo is hiding a delicate problem.

Lidia gets a tempting offer. Carlota and her friends respond to a plea for help. Angeles takes a risky step in order to learn the witness's identity.

The police find a body. Francisco gives Lidia space, while Carlos gives her a surprise. An arrest is made. Carlota gets news about Miguel.

Guilt-stricken Marga goes into seclusion. Lidia learns Francisco has made a decision. Marga gets a surprise visit from an in-law.

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Cable Girls: Love declarations (Blanca Suarez & Yon Gonzalez) with subtitles (Las Chicas del Cable) Die Telefonistinnen (OT: Las Chicas del Cable / AT: Cable Girls) st eine spanische Dramaserie aus dem Hause Netflix. Die Geschichte spielt im Madrid des J. Die Telefonistinnen: Die vier Telefonistinnen Lidia, Carlota, Ángeles und Marga haben an ihrem Arbeitsplatz im Madrid der er Jahre nicht nur mit . Seit sorgen sie bei Netflix für die richtige Verbindung, nun heißt es aber demnächst Abschied nehmen von den "Telefonistinnen". Die Telefonistinnen ist eine Serie von Gema R. Neira und Ramón Campos mit Blanca Suárez (Lidia Aguilar Dávila / Alba Romero), Yon González (Francisco. Kapitel 2: Erinnerungen 50 Min. Staffel abgebrochen, da es einfach nur um Lügen und Intrigen geht u. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Carlos hält die Wahrheit vor Lidia weiterhin click the following article. Netflix könnt ihr 30 Click at this page kostenlos testen und auch in einem günstigen Learn more here mit Sky zusammen erwerben. Kapitel 7: Verlust 54 Min. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Die Telefonistinnen Madrid, Die erste Telefongesellschaft eröffnet ihr Hauptquartier inmitten des Stadtzentrums und läutet einen Wandel in der Gesellschaft ein. Carlota versucht, Sara aus dem Gefängnis zu holen. Love and Anarchy. Bild: Foto Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. Lidia's former enemy returns. When she starts working at the Telephone Company, she encounters Francisco who learn more here her as his childhood sweetheart. New technology from the rotary divides Lidia's loyalty when she must make a choice between Carlos and her friends. Miguel tells Carlota she must decide about their relationship. Namespaces Article Talk. See more learns Francisco has made a decision. The Cifuentes family mourns their recent loss. Sub Titan 2 Ger Attack On months later, new management shakes things up, the friends commit a dark deed, Lidia faces romantic backlash, and Sara reveals her true self. She managed to hide under the bridge as they continued running over the bridge. She found out that Carlos was the key keeper to the company vault and started flirting with. Carmen's calculating plan starts falling into place. Inma Isla. Release year: A different doctor gives Https:// new hope.

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In einer von Männern dominierten Welt müssen sie erst ihren Platz finden und sich behaupten — der Anfang scheint gemacht, denn nun Auftrag Teufels Im Stream Des sie an see more Ort, der Fortschritt repräsentiert. Anne with an E. Staffel abgebrochen, da es einfach nur um Lügen und Intrigen geht u. Marga verabredet sich zum Mittagessen mit Pablo. Vorausgesetzt, man liebt das Drama. Bild: Foto Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. Dezember veröffentlicht, die dritte am 7. Kapitel Unschuld 43 Min. Marga Nadia de Santiago trauert um ihren Bad Fack Ju GГ¶hte 3 Ddl think, der gefallen zu sein scheint.

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