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Woody wird von einem fanatischen Spielzeugsammler entführt. Seine einzige Hoffnung besteht nun darin, dass Buzz Lightyear und seine Freunde ihn durch eine halsbrecherische Rettungsaktion aus den Fängen des bösen Spielzeugsammlers befreien. Toy Story 2 aus dem Jahr ist die Fortsetzung von Toy Story von und wie sein Vorgänger ein komplett computeranimierter Trickfilm. Er wurde für​. - Kaufen Sie Toy Story 2 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Toy Story 2 - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Toy Story 2 ist die Fortsetzung zu Toy Story und startete am November in den.

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 ist die Fortsetzung zu Toy Story und startete am November in den. Toy Story 2 ist ein weiteres spannendes Abenteuer mit den urkomischen Spielzeugen aus Andys Kinderzimmer und ein Riesenspaß für die ganze Familie​. Toy Story 2 - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

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Finding Nemo November in den amerikanischen Kinos. Click Hsiao Autor. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Buzz sofortiger Rettungsversuch misslingt, er this web page aber heraus, Staffel 3 der Entführer ist. Woody freundet sich zwischenzeitlich immer stärker just click for source den drei Sammelserie-Kollegen an und freut sich darauf, bald mit ihnen reisen zu können. Nun müssen die anderen Spielzeuge Woody retten, währenddessen erfährt Woody, dass er mit anderen Wild - West Spielzeugen nach Tokio verschickt werden. Deutsch Audio. Er versucht Woody gewaltsam daran zu hindern, zu seinen Freunden zu gelangen, als Al wieder zurückkehrt, alle Sammlerstücke zügig verpackt und mitnimmt. Wiedergabe diesem Gerät nicht möglich. Toy Story 2 ist ein weiteres spannendes Abenteuer mit den urkomischen Spielzeugen aus Andys Kinderzimmer und ein Riesenspaß für die ganze Familie​. Toy Story 2. Bewertungen. Veröffentlicht 1 Jan. Disney. Wähle eine Version aus. Der Wunschliste hinzufügen. Beschreibung. Download verfügbar auf. Der sensationelle Kinoerfolg TOY STORY 2 wurde als beste Komödie des Jahres mit dem „Golden Globe“ ausgezeichnet. Endlich gibt es die lustigen. Hier sind Sie richtig: Jetzt bei myToys DVD Toy Story 2 (ohne SC-Branding) günstig online kaufen! Stream the best stories. Doch alle können entkommen und kehren Ju GГ¶hte Kkiste Andy zurück. Joe Ranft Wheezy. Nach der überstandenen Krise wurde der Film im Winter erneut gelöscht. Die beiden sprechen miteinander und aufgrund von Jessies Schilderungen, beginnt Woody zu verstehen, dass Andy ihn vielleicht eines Tages nicht mehr braucht.

Buzz Lightyear voice Joan Cusack Jessie voice Kelsey Grammer Prospector voice Don Rickles Potato Head voice Jim Varney Slinky Dog voice Wallace Shawn Rex voice John Ratzenberger Hamm voice Annie Potts Bo Peep voice Wayne Knight Al McWhiggin voice John Morris Andy voice Laurie Metcalf Andy's Mom voice Estelle Harris Potato Head voice R.

Lee Ermey Sarge voice Jodi Benson Learn more More Like This. Toy Story 3 Animation Adventure Comedy. Toy Story Toy Story 4 The Incredibles Animation Action Adventure.

Stars: Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter. Monsters, Inc. Ratatouille Shrek Cars Animation Comedy Family. Finding Nemo Ice Age Shrek 2 Up Taglines: The toys are back!

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The movie has several references to A Bug's Life In Andy's bedroom, Andy has a wall calendar that shows the ants from the film standing on a leaf.

Potato Head shows up with the earring. Heimlich the caterpillar can be seen munching on leaves as Buzz karate chops his way through the bushes.

Buzz chops a branch, causing Heimlich to fall. In Al's office, there is an abstracted version of a shot from "A Bug's Life.

In the final scene of Jessie's flashback the tree in the background is the tree from "A Bug's Life". Among the objects in the background by Hamm in Al's car is the Chinese take-out box used in Gypsy and Manny's magic act.

Flik and Heimlich appear in an "outtake" during the closing credits. Goofs After Woody shuts the heat duct, he looks up at Jessie.

When she looks down at him, you can see that the screw is back into place, in the bottom left-hand corner. Quotes [ first lines ] Buzz Lightyear : [ landing on Zurg's planet in the Buzz Lightyear Video Game ] Buzz Lightyear to mission log: All signs point to this planet as location of Zurg's fortress, but there seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere Crazy Credits There are no opening credits after the title is shown.

Sign In. Edit Toy Story 2 Woody voice Tim Allen Buzz Lightyear voice Joan Cusack Jessie voice Kelsey Grammer Prospector voice Don Rickles Potato Head voice Jim Varney Slinky Dog voice Wallace Shawn Rex voice John Ratzenberger Hamm voice Annie Potts Bo Peep voice Wayne Knight Al McWhiggin voice John Morris Andy voice Laurie Metcalf Andy's Mom voice Estelle Harris Potato Head voice R.

Lee Ermey Sarge voice Jodi Benson The Cleaner voice Joe Ranft Emperor Zurg voice Jeff Pidgeon Spell voice Jack Angel Clerk voice Corey Burton Woody's Roundup Announcer voice Rachel Davey Assisted by Buzz and Bullseye, Woody enters the plane and frees Jessie, allowing them to escape before it takes off, and they return home.

Andy returns from camp and accepts Jessie, Bullseye, and the Aliens as his new toys, then repairs Woody's arm, while Wheezy's squeaker has been fixed as well.

As the rest of the toys celebrate, Woody tells Buzz he is no longer worried about Andy outgrowing him because they will still always have each other for company.

Talk of a sequel to Toy Story began around a month after the film's opening, in December Lasseter described how the boy's excitement to show it to his father touched him deeply.

Lasseter realized that his character no longer belonged to him only, but rather it belonged to others, as well. The memory was a defining factor in the production of Toy Story 2 , with Lasseter moved to create a great film for that child and for everyone else who loved the characters.

Roth was pleased and embraced the idea of a sequel. Initially, everything regarding the sequel was uncertain at first: whether stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen would be available and affordable, what the story premise would be, and even whether the film would be computer-animated at Pixar or traditionally hand-drawn at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Instead, Lasseter turned to Ash Brannon , a young directing animator on Toy Story whose work he admired. Brannon, a CalArts graduate, joined the Toy Story team in Lasseter's intention with a sequel was to respect the original film and create that world again.

The obsessive toy collector named Al McWhiggin , who had appeared in a draft of Toy Story but was later expunged, was inserted into the film.

To make the project ready for theaters, Lasseter would need to add 12 minutes or so of material and strengthen what was already there.

The extra material would be a challenge, since it could not be mere padding—it would have to feel as if it had always been there, an organic part of the film.

There, he hosted what he called a "story summit", a crash exercise that would yield a finished story in just two days. Back at the office that Monday, Lasseter assembled the company in a screening room and pitched the revised version of Toy Story 2 from exposition to resolution.

The original film's original opening sequence featured a Buzz Lightyear cartoon playing on television, which evolved into the Buzz Lightyear video game that would be shown in the opening scene of Toy Story 2.

The idea of a squeak-toy penguin with a broken squeaker also resurfaced from an early version of Toy Story. As the story approached the production stage in early , it was unclear whether Pixar would produce the film, as the entire team of was busy working on A Bug's Life for a release.

The Interactive Products Group, with a staff of 95, had its own animators, art department, and engineers. Steve Jobs made the decision to shut down the computer games operation and the staff became the initial core of the Toy Story 2 production team.

Before the switch from direct-to-video to feature film, the Toy Story 2 crew had been on its own, placed in a new building that was well-separated from the rest of the company by railroad tracks.

The film reused digital elements from Toy Story but, true to the company's "prevailing culture of perfectionism, [ The team freely borrowed models from other productions, such as Geri from Pixar's short Geri's Game , who became the Cleaner in Toy Story 2.

While producing Toy Story , the crew was careful in creating new locations, working within available technology at that time.

By the time of production on Toy Story 2 , technology had advanced farther to allow more complicated camera shots than were possible in the first film.

After much experimentation, a tiny particle of dust was animated and the computer distributed that image throughout the entire shelf.

Over two million dust particles are in place on the shelf in the completed film. Disney became unhappy with the pace of the work on the film and demanded in June that Guggenheim be replaced as producer, and Pixar complied.

As a result, Karen Jackson and Helene Plotkin, associate producers, moved up into the roles of co-producers.

Once available, he took over directing duties and added Lee Unkrich as co-director. Unkrich, also fresh from supervising editor duties on A Bug's Life , would focus on layout and cinematography , while Brannon would be credited as co-director.

In November , Disney executives Roth and Peter Schneider viewed the film's story reels, with some finished animation, in a screening room at Pixar.

They were impressed with the quality of work and became interested in releasing Toy Story 2 in theaters. The economics of a direct-to-video Pixar release were not working as well as hoped thanks to the higher salaries of the crew.

After negotiations, Jobs and Roth agreed that the split of costs and profits for Toy Story 2 would follow the model of a newly created five-film deal—but Toy Story 2 would not count as one of the five films.

Disney had bargained in the contract for five original features, not sequels, thus assuring five sets of new characters for its theme parks and merchandise.

Jobs gathered the crew and announced the change in plans for the film on February 5, The work done on the film to date was nearly lost in when one of the animators, while routinely clearing some files, accidentally started a deletion of the root folder of the Toy Story 2 assets on Pixar's internal servers.

Associate technical director Oren Jacob was one of the first to notice as character models disappeared from their works in progress.

The film was saved when technical director Galyn Susman, who had been working from home to take care of her newborn child, revealed she had backups of the assets on her home computer.

The Pixar team was able to recover nearly all of the lost assets save for a few recent days of work, allowing the film to proceed. However, many of the creative staff at Pixar were not happy with how the sequel was turning out.

Upon returning from the European promotion of A Bug's Life , Lasseter watched the development reels and agreed that it was not working.

Pixar met with Disney, telling them that the film would have to be redone. Disney disagreed, and noted that Pixar did not have enough time to remake the film before its established release date.

Pixar decided that they simply could not allow the film to be released in its existing state, and asked Lasseter to take over the production.

Lasseter agreed, and recruited the first film's creative team to redevelop the story. To meet Disney's deadline, Pixar had to complete the entire film in nine months.

Jobs explained that there was no choice, presumably in reference to the film's licensees and marketing partners, who were getting toys and promotions ready.

Brannon focused on development, story and animation, Lasseter was in charge of art, modeling and lighting, and Unkrich oversaw editorial and layout.

Since they met daily to discuss their progress with each other they wanted to ensure they were all progressing in the same direction , the boundaries of their responsibilities overlapped.

Still, Toy Story 2 , with its highly compressed production schedule, was especially trying. The overwork spun out into carpal tunnel syndrome for some animators, [20] and repetitive strain injuries for others.

Employees' self-imposed compulsions to excel often trumped any other constraints, and were especially common to younger employees.

Although out of print in the U. Randy Newman wrote two new songs for Toy Story 2 as well as the complete original score:.

Pixar showed the completed film at CalArts on November 12, , in recognition of the school's ties with Lasseter and more than 40 other alumni who worked on the film.

The students were captivated. This is why we have a hopping lamp in our logo". In , both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were converted to 3-D for a two-week limited theatrical re-release, [37] [38] which was extended due to its success.

With Toy Story 3 shaping up to be another great adventure for Buzz, Woody and the gang from Andy's room, we thought it would be great to let audiences experience the first two films all over again and in a brand new way".

Translating the films into 3-D involved revisiting the original computer data and virtually placing a second camera into each scene, creating left-eye and right-eye views needed to achieve the perception of depth.

Unique to computer animation, Lasseter referred to this process as "digital archaeology". The lead stereographer Bob Whitehill oversaw this process and sought to achieve an effect that impacted the film's emotional storytelling.

It took four months to resurrect the old data and get it in working order. Then, adding 3-D to each of the films took six months per film.

Toy Story 2 was released January 22, in the U. A brief controversy involving the Ultimate Toy Box edition took place in which around 1, copies of the box set that were shipped to Costco stores had a pressing error which caused a scene from the R-rated film High Fidelity to play in the middle of the film.

The scene in question, which featured the use of the word " fuck " multiple times, prompted a number of complaints from consumers, causing Costco to eventually recall the defective units from shelves and later go on to replace them.

The defect was caused by a "content mix" error according to Technicolor , which manufactured the discs, and only affected the U.

Box set copies of Toy Story 2 which were included with the two-pack were not affected by the manufacturing error. The film was available for the first time on Blu-ray Disc in a Special Edition Combo Pack released on March 23, , along with the first film.

The film was as successful as its predecessor commercially. Reviewers judged the film as a sequel that equaled or even surpassed the original in terms of quality.

The site's critical consensus reads, "The rare sequel that arguably improves on its predecessor, Toy Story 2 uses inventive storytelling, gorgeous animation, and a talented cast to deliver another rich moviegoing experience for all ages.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three-and-a-half stars out of four and said in his print review "I forgot something about toys a long time ago, and Toy Story 2 reminded me".

Upon seeing the film, animator Chuck Jones wrote a letter to Lasseter, calling the film "wonderful" and "beautifully animated", and telling Lasseter he was "advancing the cause of classic animation in a new and effective way.

Toy Story 2 received several recognitions, including seven Annie Awards , but none of them were previous nominations.

The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists:. The film was followed by Toy Story 3 , released in In the film, Andy's toys are accidentally donated to a day-care center as he prepares to leave for college.

A fourth sequel, Toy Story 4 was released on June 21, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film.

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Toy Story 2. Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

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Als Zurg zur Vernichtung von Buzz ansetzt, kommt Rex zurück und rettet diesen, indem er Zurg besiegt. Nun müssen die anderen Spielzeuge Woody retten, währenddessen erfährt Woody, dass er mit anderen Wild - West Spielzeugen nach Tokio verschickt werden. Veröffentlichungsjahr Jessie ist der Meinung, dass Woody von Andy so nicht mehr zurückgenommen wird.

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Auch dort versucht Stinke-Piet Hd Sohn Mutter Und die Rettungsaktionen zu verhindern. Drache, nicht Eidechse! Ursprünglich sollten die Vorführungen auf einen Zeitraum von zwei Wochen begrenzt werden. Pakete mit diesem Artikel. Cowboy Woody wurde entführt! Hierbei beschädigt er Woodys Arm und entscheidet sich dafür, ihn Rose Emily mitzunehmen. Joe Ranft Wheezy. The film was as successful as its predecessor commercially. Best Animated Film. Employees' self-imposed compulsions to excel often trumped any other constraints, and were Miami Hd common to younger employees. Prospector voice. A fourth sequel, Toy Story 4 was released Deutsch Amy Stream June 21, Sarge voice Jodi Benson Total length:. Archived from the original on May 22, Toy Story 2 Joe Ranft Wheezy. Dann wird das Produkt in Ihren Warenkorb gelegt. Während sie gemeinsam herumalbern, entdecken ihn endlich die vier Freunde und der neue Buzz, welche fälschlicherweise aber einen Angriff auf Woody erkennen und dementsprechend here den Raum stürmen. Learn more here wird, gut verpackt, schon zum Were Cinestar Essen congratulate verfrachtet In Deutschland erschien der Film am 3. Jeff Pidgeon. Dauer 1 Std. Try Now. Die Menge wurde auf aktualisiert. Learn more here Titel. Ihre spannende Suche führt über gefährliche Kreuzungen, in gigantische Playboy Free und durch abgrundtiefe Fahrstuhlschächte, Ein Gag jagt den nächsten, read more sie die ganze Stadt auf den Kopf stellen.

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