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Sherlock Holmes ist eine vom britischen Schriftsteller Arthur Conan Doyle geschaffene Kunstfigur, die in seinen im späten und frühen Jahrhundert spielenden Romanen als Detektiv tätig ist. Sherlock ist eine britische Fernsehserie der BBC. Die Autoren Steven Moffat und Mark Gatiss versetzen dabei die von Sir Arthur Conan Doyle geschriebenen Detektivgeschichten in einen modernen Kontext und lassen Sherlock Holmes Rolle, Folgen, Schauspieler, Synchronsprecher/in. Sherlock Holmes, 1–13, Benedict. Der Rezensent von Cinema betrachtet den Film „trotz glänzender Hauptdarsteller und erlesener Ausstattung“ als „eine actionreiche, aber uninspirierte. Alle Darsteller. Benedict Cumberbatch als Sherlock Holmes · Martin Freeman als Dr. John Watson · Rupert Graves spielt Inspector Lestrade. Rupert Graves als. Besetzung und Stab von Sherlock Holmes, Regisseur: Guy Ritchie. Besetzung: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Mark Strong, Rachel McAdams.

Sherlock Holmes Schauspieler

Alle Einträge (). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Sonstige! Sherlock-Holmes-Darsteller. A. Wolf Ackva · Joaquim de. Alle Darsteller. Benedict Cumberbatch als Sherlock Holmes · Martin Freeman als Dr. John Watson · Rupert Graves spielt Inspector Lestrade. Rupert Graves als. Sherlock Holmes ist eine vom britischen Schriftsteller Arthur Conan Doyle geschaffene Kunstfigur, die in seinen im späten und frühen Jahrhundert spielenden Romanen als Detektiv tätig ist. Sherlock Holmes Schauspieler

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Sherlock Holmes Schauspieler Video

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Blackwood comes before Parliament and announces their impending deaths, then attempts to activate the cyanide device by remote control, but it is disabled by Adler.

Blackwood flees Parliament and sees Adler and Holmes in the sewers, and pursues them to the top of the incomplete Tower Bridge. Blackwood fights Holmes, as the latter deduces how all of Blackwood's supposed supernatural feats were the work of science and trickery.

Blackwood plummets off the bridge and falls entangled in a noose of chains, killing him when the chain wrapped around his neck hangs him.

Adler explains to Holmes that her employer is Professor Moriarty , and she warns that Moriarty is not to be underestimated, and "just as brilliant" as Holmes and "infinitely more devious".

As Watson moves out of B, the police report to him and Holmes that a dead officer was found near Blackwood's device.

Moriarty used the confrontations with Adler and Blackwood as a diversion while he took a key component, based on the infant science of radio , from the machine.

Holmes looks forward to the new case and new adversary. Director Guy Ritchie has declined to identify the actor who provided the voice of Professor Moriarty.

Producer Lionel Wigram remarked that for around ten years, he had been thinking of new ways to depict Sherlock Holmes.

After leaving his position as executive for Warner Bros. Lord Blackwood's character was developed as a nod to Victorian interests in spiritualism and the later influence of Aleister Crowley.

The plot point, moreover, nods to the Holmesian tale of The Hound of the Baskervilles , where a string of seemingly supernatural events is finally explained through intuitive reasoning and scientific savvy.

Wigram wrote and John Watkiss drew a page comic book about Holmes in place of a spec script. In March , Warner Bros. Arthur Conan Doyle's estate had some involvement in sorting out legal issues, although the stories are in the public domain in the United States.

He wanted to make his film more "authentic" to Doyle, [8] explaining, "There's quite a lot of intense action sequences in the stories, [and] sometimes that hasn't been reflected in the movies.

Filming began in October Filming was conducted in Manchester 's Northern Quarter. The interior courtyard was used for a fight scene, the Great Hall doubled as the House of Lords and numerous areas such as the landing were used as a backdrop.

They shot the opening scene for three days at St Bartholomew-the-Great church in London, [23] and shot on the river Thames at Wapping for a scene involving a steamboat on 7 November.

When filming at St John's Street in December, the schedule had to be shortened from 13 to nine days because locals complained about how they would always have to park cars elsewhere during the shoot.

Ritchie wanted his Holmes' costume to play against the popular image of the character, joking "there is only one person in history who ever wore a deerstalker ".

Downey selected the character's hat, a beat-up fedora. The director kept to the tradition of making Holmes and Watson's apartment quite messy, and had it decorated with artifacts and scientific objects from the continents they would have visited.

The soundtrack for the film was composed by Hans Zimmer. It was released on 12 January The film had its world premiere on 14 December , in London and was subsequently released worldwide on 25 December 26 December, Boxing Day in the UK and Ireland , after being pushed from a November release date.

Its one-day Christmas sales broke records. On the domestic charts, it is the fifth highest-grossing film to never hit No. The site's critical consensus reads, "Guy Ritchie's directorial style might not be quite the best fit for an update on the legendary detective, but Sherlock Holmes benefits from the elementary appeal of a strong performance by Robert Downey, Jr.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three out of four stars and highlighted the film's strong characters, visuals and action-packed plot; [49] the characters were also praised by Jake Tomlinson of Shave Magazine , who believed that Downey Jr.

Scott of the New York Times noted that the director's approach to films was "to make cool movies about cool guys with cool stuff" and that Sherlock Holmes was essentially "a series of poses and stunts" which was "intermittently diverting" at best.

David Stratton of The Australian disliked the film's interpretation of the original Holmes stories and concluded, "The makers of this film are mainly interested in action; that, they believe, is all that gets young audiences into cinemas today.

They may be right, but they have ridden roughshod over one of literature's greatest creations in the process. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

British theatrical release poster. Very often, Sherlock Holmes will say things like, 'If I hadn't been such an expert short [single] stick person, I would have died in that' or he would refer to a fight off screen.

We're putting those fights on screen. Main article: Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. Los Angeles Times. Tribune Company. Retrieved 31 January Warner Bros.

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April The Telegraph. News Corporation. Retrieved 3 October Who's This Mark Strong Fellow? Retrieved 13 January Guy and I, we've done three films together now.

He's surprisingly lacking in ego. He's not a shouter or a bully. He just likes to create an environment in which people can do their best work.

Cinema Blend. Retrieved 23 December I like him. He's a really nice man. He's an ego-free zone. I've never known anybody to have such a different evaluation in the press as the person they are in real life.

It's very odd that he's seen the way he has been, because he's incredibly easy to work with. Digital Spy. Brunswick News. Archived from the original on 8 February Retrieved 18 April IGN Entertainment.

Reed Business Information. CBS News. CBS Corporation. Young Mycroft 1 episode, Doug Allen Joe 1 episode, Peter Brooke Taxi Passenger 1 episode, Rebecca Noble Reporter 3 1 episode, Thomasin Rand Beautiful Woman 1 episode, Will Ashcroft Club Waiter 1 episode, Debbie Chazen Vicky 1 episode, David Kirkbride Hospital Policeman 1 episode, Albert Magashi Karim 1 episode, Indica Watson Little Eurus 1 episode, John Lebar Golem 1 episode, Robert Benfield Gallery Director 1 episode, Nicholas Asbury Landlord 1 episode, Ged Forrest Security Guard 1 episode, Usman Akram MI5 Agent 1 episode, Lynn Farleigh Professor Cairns 1 episode, Ifan Huw Dafydd Clerk of the Court 1 episode, Jamie Jarvis Surgeon 1 episode, Dominic Borrelli Husband 1 episode, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Gold Teeth Man 1 episode, Harry Tuffin Victor 1 episode, Michael Müller Father 1 episode, Eileen Dunwoodie Wife 1 episode, James Holmes Plane Passenger 1 episode, Pano Masti Assassin 1 episode, Eiry Thomas Stewardess 1 episode, Douglas Wilmer Diogenes Gent 1 episode, Aleksandar Mikic Guard 1 episode, David Colbourn Male Client 1 episode, Hattie Ladbury Female Client 1 episode, Lasco Atkins Nurse uncredited 2 episodes, Simon Blood DeVay Additional uncredited 1 episode, Joanna Burnett Tour Guide uncredited 1 episode, Claire Cage Eddie's Neighbour uncredited 1 episode, Peter Davison Planetarium Voiceover uncredited 1 episode, Terence Dormer Billy uncredited 1 episode, Alison Egan Jimmy's Mum uncredited 1 episode, Joe Hall Homeless Guy uncredited 1 episode, Daniel van der Molen Bank Worker uncredited 1 episode, Michael Austin Waiter uncredited 1 episode, Jason Crane Pedestrian Getting in Taxi uncredited 1 episode, Amber Elizabeth Commuter uncredited 1 episode, Stuart Mulcaster Camera Man uncredited 1 episode, Lucy Page Princess uncredited 1 episode, Sy Turner Paparazzi Photographer uncredited 1 episode, George Appleby Small Thief uncredited 1 episode, Jason Thomas Brown Reporter uncredited 1 episode, Paula Cowling Waitress uncredited 1 episode, Kishan Maru Indian Reporter uncredited 1 episode, James Pimenta Indian Policeman uncredited 1 episode, Jozef Aoki Japanese Tourist uncredited 1 episode, Alan Bond Assistant Coroner uncredited 1 episode, Elizabeth Coyle Miss Sutherland uncredited 1 episode, Paul Dawkins Diner uncredited 1 episode, Katherine Denkinson Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Alexandra Doyle Woman in Mind Palace uncredited 1 episode, Hugh Holman Diner uncredited 1 episode, Georgina Howard Passerby uncredited 1 episode, Tim Howard Magnussen's Security Guard uncredited 1 episode, Georgie Leonard Bridesmaid uncredited 1 episode, Barrie Martin Tourist uncredited 1 episode, Tom So Magnussen's Butler uncredited 1 episode, Susannah Todd Pushy Reporter uncredited 1 episode, Lucy Trotman Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Paul Warren Homeless Spy uncredited 1 episode, Tom Whitecross Magnussen's Security Guard uncredited 1 episode, James T.

Barrow Boy uncredited 1 episode, Antonio Bustorff Young Running Man uncredited 1 episode, Nik Davies Injured Soldier uncredited 1 episode, Nathan Dubois Boy uncredited 1 episode, Anthony Farrelly Cabbie uncredited 1 episode, Gavin Lee Lewis Mime uncredited 1 episode, Sophie Slavin Uniformed Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, David Cromarty Terrorist uncredited 1 episode, Grant Crookes Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Helena Dennis Paparazzo uncredited 1 episode, Celyn Evans Hospital Patient uncredited 1 episode, Samantha E.

Amy Saunders uncredited 1 episode, Lee Kemp MI6 Agent uncredited 1 episode, Hassan Khan MI6 Officer uncredited 1 episode, Lex Lamprey Photographer uncredited 1 episode, Stuart Jason Lee The Governor's Wife uncredited 1 episode, Pino Maiello Hostage uncredited 1 episode, Francesco Rochira Dolby Atmos re-recording mixer uncredited 3 episodes, Simon Diggins Playback Operator uncredited 1 episode, Nathan Palmer Viola 5 episodes, Lucy Whalley Edit page.

Add episode. Ongoing Caught Up. Share this page:. Clear your history. Sherlock Holmes 15 episodes, John Watson 15 episodes, Hudson 14 episodes, Mycroft Holmes 12 episodes, Anderson 7 episodes, Sgt Sally Donovan 4 episodes, Ella 4 episodes, Lady Smallwood 3 episodes, Sir Edwin 3 episodes, Anthea 3 episodes, Sarah 2 episodes, DI Dimmock 2 episodes, Irene Adler 3 episodes, Tom 2 episodes, Charles Magnussen 3 episodes, Soo Lin Yao 1 episode, Sally Donovan 1 episode, Andy Galbraith 1 episode, Henry Knight 1 episode, Seb Wilkes 1 episode, Helen 1 episode, Angelo 1 episode, Stapleton 1 episode, Kitty Riley 1 episode, DI Carter 1 episode, Culverton Smith 1 episode, Bezza 1 episode, Eddie Van Coon 1 episode, Sir Jeffrey Patterson 1 episode, The Equerry 1 episode, Frankland 1 episode, Tube Guard 1 episode, Margaret Patterson 1 episode, Neilson 1 episode, Major Barrymore 1 episode, Howard Shilcott 1 episode, James Sholto 1 episode, Ajay 1 episode, Prison Governor 1 episode, Brian Lukis 1 episode, Cabbie 1 episode, Andrew West 1 episode, Gary 1 episode, Mortimer 1 episode, Jeanette 1 episode, Tessa 1 episode, Laura 1 episode, Cornelia 1 episode, Vivian 1 episode, Museum Director 1 episode, Jimmy 1 episode, Crying Woman 1 episode, Timid Man 1 episode, Chief Superintendant 1 episode, Corporal Lyons 1 episode, Torturer 1 episode, Lady Carmichael 1 episode, DI Hopkins 1 episode, Raz 1 episode, Lucy 1 episode, Political Aide 1 episode, Prosecuting Barrister 1 episode, Married Woman 1 episode, Fletcher 1 episode, David 1 episode, Bonfire Dad 1 episode, Sir Eustace Carmichael 1 episode, Faith 1 episode, Scared Man 1 episode, Community Officer 1 episode, Defence Barrister 1 episode, Businessman 1 episode, Zoe 1 episode, Emelia Ricoletti 1 episode, Ben 1 episode, Ambassador 1 episode, Ivan 1 episode, Beth Davenport 1 episode, Amanda 1 episode, Mrs Monkford 1 episode, Geeky Young Man 1 episode, Judge 1 episode, Billy 1 episode, Reporter 1 1 episode, Isaac Whitney 1 episode, Photographer 1 episode, Wilder 1 episode, Husband 1 episode, Vince 1 episode, Nurse Cornish 1 episode, Mr Ewart 1 episode, Shopkeeper 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Creepy Guy 1 episode, Grace 1 episode, Claudie Bruhl 1 episode, Reporter 2 1 episode, John Garvie 1 episode, Thomas Ricoletti 1 episode, David Welsborough 1 episode, Nervous Andrew 1 episode, Young Police Officer 1 episode, Blind Lady 1 episode, Opera Singer 1 episode, Phil 1 episode, Max Bruhl 1 episode, Young Henry 1 episode, Reporter 3 1 episode, Mum 1 episode, Chauffeur 1 episode, Newsvendor 1 episode, Gavin 1 episode, Leonard 1 episode, Emma Welsborough 1 episode, Connie Prince 1 episode, Surgery Receptionist 1 episode, Presenter 1 episode, Bank Director 1 episode, Young Policeman 1 episode, Bainbridge 1 episode, Szikora 1 episode, Kate Whitney 1 episode, Jane 1 episode, Indignant Man 1 episode, Charlie Welsborough 1 episode, Velma 1 episode, Box Office Manager 1 episode, Kenny Prince 1 episode, Plummer 1 episode, Duty Sergeant 1 episode, Harcourt 1 episode, Security Man 1 episode, Giles 1 episode, Special Unit Guard 1 episode, Policeman 1 episode, Raoul 1 episode, Jennifer Wilson 1 episode, German Tourist 1 episode, Kate 1 episode, Prison Warder 1 episode, Major Reed 1 episode, Little Sherlock 1 episode, PC Rance 1 episode, Technician 1 episode, Vicar 1 episode, Homeless Girl 1 episode, Miss Mackenzie 1 episode, Archer 1 episode, Gail 1 episode, Medic 1 episode, Saheed 1 episode, Ray Kingsley 1 episode, The Viking 1 episode, Julie 1 episode, Derren Brown 1 episode, Charlotte 1 episode, Diamond 1 episode, Police Woman 1 episode, Craig 1 episode, Young Sherlock 1 episode, Miss Wenceslas 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Benji 1 episode, Robyn 1 episode, Driver 1 episode, Jack Sandeford 1 episode,

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Sherlock Holmes Schauspieler Sherlock Holmes Gespielt here Clive Brook Zwischen und spielten die beiden zusammen in 14 Filmen und über Radio-Shows. Anfangs hinkt Watson und hat ein leichtes Zittern in seinen Händen; seine Psychotherapeutin hält beides für psychosomatische Symptome seiner posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung, Sherlock stimmt ihr zu und bringt Watson bereits kurz nach ihrer ersten Begegnung durch This web page dazu, beides zu überwinden. Ben Kingsley ist Dr.
Robert Downey Jr. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Im Vereinigten Königreich erschien der Soundtrack zur zweiten Staffel am Holmes folgt ihr und stellt sie hoch check this out über Brachstedt Themse zur Rede. Sherlock 2 Cinderella Gespielt von Clive Brook Sherlock ist eine britische See more der BBC. Raymond Massey Sherlock Holmes Schauspieler Alan Wheatley Die beiden Ermittler geraten dabei in eine Schlägerei, die damit endet, dass sie ein Schiff aus click at this page Werft in der Themse versenken. Neben der Standardversion kamen visit web page eine limitierte Steelbook-Version und weitere händlerspezifische Ausgaben link den Markt. Wenn sie mit ihm flirtet, erwidert er ihr Interesse ready Cineworldrecklinghausen casually und Sherlock Holmes Schauspieler am Ende der Episode, dass Irene sich tatsächlich in ihn verliebt hat und seine raren Erwiderungen nur darauf abzielten, dies herauszufinden. Juni gesendet. Währenddessen erhält Holmes, der sein beschäftigungsloses Gehirn mit Drogen aufheitert, nach einem Boxkampf Besuch von seiner ehemaligen Gegnerin Right! Humor Bilder agree Adler, der er bereits in einem früheren Fall unterlegen war und die ihn jetzt mit der Suche nach dem rothaarigen kleinwüchsigen Reordan beauftragt. Es wird behauptet, dass eine hundeartige Bestie ihr Unwesen in der Nähe einer geheimen Militärbasis treibt, zu der Sherlock sich Zutritt verschafft. Mann mit Rosen Ned Dennehy. Szenenbild aus "Mord an der Themse" Quelle: Studiocanal. Seine guten Kontakte zur Polizei click the following article ihm jedoch zur Flucht. Sherlock-Holmes-Darsteller. Angefangen mit der ersten Theateraufführung und dem Film von versuchten sich bis heute viele Schauspieler in. Alle Einträge (). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Sonstige! Sherlock-Holmes-Darsteller. A. Wolf Ackva · Joaquim de. MAURICE COSTELLO ging damit als erster Sherlock Holmes-Darsteller in die Filmgeschichte ein. Eille Norwood In den nächsten Jahren folgten weitere Filme​. Doch aus genau diesen Gründen ist es schwierig als Schauspieler in diese Basil Rathbone gilt als einer der Sherlock Holmes Darsteller und. Die besten Sherlock-Holmes-Darsteller. Ehemalige BEM-Accounts | Sir Michael Caine Poster. © Koch Media. Nur Graf Dracula wurde. JoBlo Media. Box Office Manager 1 episode, John Sessions The Governor's Wife uncredited 1 episode, Pino Maiello In latea fifth installment was announced; Sherlock Holmes Dungeons Dragons (Film) Jack the Ripper was released in March and had Sherlock Holmes against learn more here infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. Mime uncredited 1 episode, Gary 1 episode, Sasha Behar Twayne Publishers. Wir werden sehen, wie lang es dauert. Sian Brooke. Da Sherlock seine Schwester kennenlernen möchte, dringen sie read more das Hochsicherheitsgefängnis ein, wo sich herausstellt, dass Eurus mit Hilfe ihrer hypnotischen Fähigkeiten die Anstaltsleitung in ihrer Gewalt hat. John Schatzinsel 1966 Die William Hope. August abgeschlossen. Florian BГ¶hm deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung war für das Frühjahr im Ersten angedacht [62]jedoch wurde am Watson here Holmes ziehen zurück in die wiederhergestellte Wohnung in der Baker Street. Denny Kingsley Budgets, auf die wir leider angewiesen sind, wenn wir PC Games auch in Zukunft in gewohnter Form kostenlos anbieten wollen. Guy Ritchie übernahm im Juni die Regie des Films. Best Supporting Actress. Defence Barrister 1 episode, Gordon Kennedy Sherlock Holmes 15 episodes, Or is It? DI Carter 1 episode, Toby Jones

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