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Stargate Atlantis Jennifer Keller Dr. Jennifer Keller

Dr. Jennifer Keller ist eine fiktive Figur aus der kanadisch-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Serie Stargate Atlantis, einer Ausgründungsserie von Stargate SG Sie wird von der kanadischen Schauspielerin Jewel Staite gespielt, die zuvor in der. Doktor Jennifer Keller ist die Leiterin der Krankenstation von Atlantis. ^ Lebenslauf [Bearbeiten]., Dieser. Rodney McKay kehrt mit Jennifer Keller als Begleitung zur Erde zurück, um Auf Atlantis kommen Sheppard und Ronon in die Cafeteria und. Sie findet sich schnell auf Atlantis zurecht und freundet sich mit anderen Expeditionsmitgliedern an. Unter anderem hilft sie dem Carson Beckett-Klon, indem sie. Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex). Jewel Staite (Jennifer Keller) Carter versetzt, vermutlich um mit Woolsey die Interessen des IOAs in Atlantis zu verfolgen. Bei der.

Stargate Atlantis Jennifer Keller

Sie findet sich schnell auf Atlantis zurecht und freundet sich mit anderen Expeditionsmitgliedern an. Unter anderem hilft sie dem Carson Beckett-Klon, indem sie. Jennifer Keller zusammen ist. McKay gehört auf Atlantis zu Sheppards Erkundungsteam. Teyla Emmagan[Bearbeiten |. Stargate Atlantis Series Three Dr. Jennifer Keller Action Figure by Stargate SG-1 bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte.

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SGA: Parasite in Dr. Jennifer Keller

Weir expressed her confidence in Keller's abilities and said that she felt safe in her hands.

This comment turned prophetic when Weir was critically injured during an Asuran attack on the city, and Keller was the doctor on call to treat her.

Rodney McKay reprogrammed these dormant nanites and saved Weir's life, but the trade-off was that she could only live with the nanites active.

They used these nanites to link to the Asuran network so that they could steal a ZPM from the Asurans' homeworld, but the Asurans detected her presence and captured her.

The team, however, made it back to Atlantis with a ZPM that saved the city. Keller's insecurities were depicted in a nightmare that was induced by an alien entity in which she dreamed of losing her patients to aliens that she didn't know how to handle.

This fear was realized when her associate Dr. Kate Heightmeyer died in her sleep in a nightmare induced by the same hostile alien entity.

Keller, however, played a key role in determining how to get the entity back into its storage crystal and replaced on its homeworld.

After Atlantis had to relocate to a different planet in order to escape the Asurans, they began to show signs of an illness that would lead them to amnesia, and if not treated, to death.

It became evident that this disease was a mutation of a common childhood illness called Kirsan Fever that usually affected children.

Teyla and Ronon were immune to this new outbreak, so they led the search for the cure: the sap of the enchuri plant.

Keller treated everyone as long as she could, but eventually, even she succumbed. After she lost memories of her own identity and her role in the city, Keller showed that down in her core, she had inward strength and leadership abilities.

She tried to direct the other amnesiacs as they rushed the doors to where they were being kept, but she was knocked out with a Wraith stun gun used by one of the soldiers who had confined everyone else to the mess hall.

Fortunately, with Ronon's and Teyla's guidance, the remainder of the base personnel were cured and their memories returned. Not very acclimated to outdoor living, Keller was unexpectedly thrown into a survival situation along with Teyla when the two went to New Athos for a friendly overnight visit.

Upon their arrival, they discovered that the Athosians were gone and that the settlement was being scavenged by the Bola Kai, a cannibalistic primitive tribe.

In her effort to escape from the tribesmen, Keller sprained her ankle, but continued to attempt to be brave under extreme stress. She described herself to Teyla during their ordeal: "Look, I'm the first to admit, I'm not very good at certain things.

I'm not athletic, I can't cook, you don't even want to hear me try to play the piano. But I do think I'm a pretty good judge of character While on New Athos, Teyla protected her, and she eventually found the courage she needed when they were finally captured by the Bola Kai.

Keller was tied up and beaten, but she didn't reveal any information about Atlantis. While locked up in a cage together, Keller opened up more to Teyla about her family and life back on Earth.

She revealed that her mother was deceased and that she was all that her father had left. After their rescue, Keller, realizing that she could have been killed, was granted a visit with her father back on Earth, presumably in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA, where she grew up.

Keller became Teyla's confidante after their time together in New Athos. Because she was Teyla's medical doctor, she was the first to discover that Teyla was pregnant.

Teyla chose not to tell her teammates immediately after she found out, but Keller reminded her that she could not keep it a secret for very much longer.

Keller's likeness was duplicated by a group of Asurans who were seeking the Path to Enlightenment, or ascension, like their Ancient creators.

This likeness was drawn from the memories of Dr. Weir, who had been integrated by the Asurans into their society.

The Asuran who took on Keller's likeness was destroyed when her group was discovered in their Atlantis look-a-like by Oberoth, the leader of the Asurans who did not embrace ascension as the next evolutionary step of his kind.

It was the destruction of this Atlantis that was foreseen by Davos. Before the city's destruction, the Asuran Keller gave to Weir's Asuran-created clone the technology that later helped the Atlantis Expedition track every Aurora-class starship that the Asurans had in their fleet.

During a poorly-executed quarantine lockdown of the Atlantis Base, Keller was stranded in the infirmary with Ronon. Their radios didn't work either, so Keller was frustrated because she didn't know any of the circumstances of the lockdown.

Ronon and she tried to break down one of the doors with an oxygen tank used as a missile, but the doors proved much tougher than anticipated.

While they waited for their own rescue, the two had the opportunity to get to know each other. There was some sexual attraction, perhaps stemming from Keller's similarities to Ronon's late wife who was also in the medical field.

But before they could share their first kiss, the lockdown was terminated and the city brought back to normal.

As it turned out, the lockdown was merely the result of a bug in the reprogramming of the quarantine protocol. When Keller was on a medical away mission to treat the respiratory problems suffered by the people of M5V, she, Col.

Carter, and Dr. McKay fell into an underground mining complex left behind by the Genii. The three tried all kinds of ways to climb out of the hole, including building a bridge like Keller had learned to do in a bar bet, but none of their methods worked.

To make it even more complicated, Carter broke her leg when she fell from the bridge and stacked crates when a tremor on the unstable planet hit.

Then, the three discovered that the chamber that they were in was about to collapse down a deep chasm as it began to tilt.

Keller fell off the platform, but managed to grab a rope before plunging to her death. While dangling from the rope with McKay on the other end, Keller discovered a shaft that led out.

With everything he had, McKay held tightly to the rope while Keller swung to safety. He helped Carter and then finally himself.

Keller encouraged him as he started to panic, and all three made it back to Atlantis safely. Afterward, Keller treated McKay's rope-burned hands and asked him out for a drink.

This appeared to be the beginning of a mutual attraction between these two. Keller's genetic knowledge came to the fore when a clone of Dr.

Beckett was discovered in one of Michael Kenmore's research facilities. Michael was a Wraith on whom the Expedition performed experiments involving Beckett's retrovirus that was meant to bring a Wraith's human DNA forward and suppress their Wraith traits—in effect, turning Wraith into human beings.

The Wraith had extensive cloning knowledge, so it appeared fairly easy for Michael to create a clone of Beckett that was nearly identical to the original.

The only differences that this clone had from the late doctor were his experiences since Beckett's capture nearly two years previously when the clone was made and the dependence on a weekly treatment that Michael devised to keep the clone alive.

Keller and the clone worked on a cure, but his condition was deteriorating too quickly. Keller urged him to enter stasis until she and her team devised a treatment to save him.

Beckett's clone was an unexpected discovery found by Teyla's team when they were actually searching for her.

She had been captured by Michael because he was interested in her unborn child's genetic make-up. Teyla's son had two parents who had trace Wraith DNA that left them with the mental skills to connect to the Wraith's psychic network.

Since Michael had been affected by the retrovirus and left as neither completely human nor completely Wraith, he searched for the right retrovirus to create a new race that would serve him as their leader.

His goal was to wipe out all the humans and the Wraith—both of whom had rejected him—by releasing a modified version of the Hoffan Drug into the humans' water supply and causing them to become poison to the Wraith that fed upon them.

Hope and Fallacy by LMXB reviews Waking alone, imprisoned and confused Jennifer finds her hope fading until her life is forced into a new direction.

Forever Christmas Eve by ShaViva reviews Lorne decides to make Jennifer a special gift in the lead up to Christmas, something that assumes an unintended significance when an off world mission takes an unexpected turn.

Sequel to O' Christmas Tree. But when romance keeps coming up, neither know how to handle it. Previously published in SGA.

Mitchell - Complete. Clarity by hifield reviews Sometimes the realization of attraction comes from the mundane and ordinary events in life.

Black Rose by LMXB reviews The inhabitants of Atlantis struggle when something mysterious starts to strike down the military personnel.

Cold Snap by Nika Dixon reviews Jennifer finds herself trapped in an icy nightmare off world with Evan's team. The Spirit of Christmas by ladygris reviews Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of year, but Jennifer Keller just can't find the joy of the season.

Can the unexpected arrival of someone from Earth help her find the spirit of Christmas? Until she challenged Evan Lorne and found herself on an unexpected journey with him.

Eventually, they form a plan to escape after hearing the self-destruct alarm, by using an oxygen tank to blow a hole in the door, which did not work.

In the meantime, the two started to develop a romantic interest. They almost kissed until all the doors opened again, ending the lockdown.

ATL : " Quarantine ". She investigated the planet M5V , where a village was located near an abandoned mining facility, and showed to have unsafe air quality, as well as frequent tremors.

She went with Dr. Rodney McKay and Colonel Samantha Carter to talk the villagers into moving to another part of the continent, but fell through a hole and were trapped with the other two in an underground Genii mining facility.

After several attempts to escape, the facility was going to collapse. In one attempt, Keller fell down a seemingly bottomless pit, but held on for her life with a rope.

She managed to see light and found a way out by swinging to the tunnel. She, Carter and McKay made it down and escaped before the facility fell several hundred feet underground.

Back on Atlantis , Keller asked McKay out for a drink, seemingly charmed by his child-like obliviousness to her request at first.

ATL : " Trio ". She soon discovered that an improved version of the Hoffan drug that was distributed by Michael Kenmore was the cause.

After the team found Dr. When he suffered from a degenerative condition , and finding the cure didn't lead far, she sent him to a stasis pod , where she promised that she had a team working on his condition, and will find a cure for him.

After several expedition members were trapped in one of Michael's facility , which self destructed on M2S while trying to find a kidnapped Teyla Emmagan , she along with Colonel Samantha Carter , Captain Alicia Vega and a team of combat engineers were sent to the planet, so Keller could tend to the wounded, but unknown to her, she and the others contracted a Wraith pathogen.

After Michael brought his cruiser to investigate, and blocked off the Stargate to prevent the Humans from escaping, she went inside the Puddle Jumper and to the orbiting Daedalus.

Before the rest of the team went to rescue Teyla from the cruiser, Keller patched up Lt. Colonel John Sheppard so he could participate in the mission.

After it was a success, she returned to Atlantis to operate on Sheppard. ATL : " Search and Rescue ". Keller becomes infected with a Wraith pathogen.

She spent more time trying to find a cure for Dr. Carson Beckett 's condition after acquiring Michael's database on the planet M2S , when she noticed a gelatinous substance around her hands, not knowing they were the first symptoms from the Wraith pathogen.

She also experience lack of sleep. One night, after Beckett was cured, she was unable to wake up, and tendrils started growing around her.

Teyla Emmagan found her like this when she did not report for duty. She did remain lucid enough, though she heard other voices, until the tendrils took over the tower, where Jennifer no longer had control of her mind.

Beckett uncovered the pathogen, which was designed to create Wraith ships. He developed a Phage that could neutralize the pathogen and save Keller.

Sheppard was able to take the phage and injected her with it, which killed the tendrils, and Keller later made a complete recovery.

ATL : " The Seed ". After the Satedan Tyre was brought into the Atlantis infirmary , she had him restrained to go through Wraith enzyme withdrawal.

After a recovery and the safe return of Ronon Dex , who was captured by the Wraith , she had him restrained to go through the withdrawal as well.

ATL : " Broken Ties ". When Dr. Rodney McKay became infected with Second Childhood after a mission on MYN , she did everything she could to try to save him, and was present when McKay did his own video diary, including one entry where McKay admitted to be in love with her.

After finding the properties of a shrine on Talus , she decided not to take him there, since it was a Wraith stronghold, but after Jeannie Miller overruled her decision, she went there with McKay and the team, where she discovered that the shrine emitted radiation that shrunk the parasite enough for the victim to revert to his or her normal self again.

With improvised tools, she was able to operate the parasite from McKay's brain and saved him. ATL : " The Shrine ". While looking through Michael's database , she was able to find a gene therapy that could remove the Wraith's dependence on feeding.

Colonel John Sheppard 's team took her to the Hive Ship " Todd " was located, and presented her findings, though it could take weeks to implement.

In order for a proposal to the Primary the head Queen to be a success, and with "Todd's" queen was killed in , she managed to perform a certain surgery to turn Teyla Emmagan into a Wraith Queen.

She later used a similar surgery to turn Teyla human again. ATL : " The Queen ". Keller being held by Kiryk. She went to M to investigate an influenza -like illness on the planet, with Dr.

Though she tried to escape at first, she learned that Kiryk wanted her to treat his 10 year old companion, Celise , who became extremely sick from an infected wound on her leg.

Keller convinced him that she knew a former runner, Ronon and managed to disable his tracking device with a defibrillator on the way to the Stargate to take the girl back to Atlantis for better treatment.

On the way, they run into Ronon and McKay and come into conflict with the Wraith. Keller goes one on one against a hunter and managed to hold on until McKay reloaded his pistol and killed the Wraith with it.

When asked how she was able to do that she revealed that she had been taking sparring lessons with Ronon.

After Kiryk sacrificed himself by gating to another planet so Keller and Celise could return to Atlantis, she was successful in treating her upon returning and the girl survived.

ATL : " Tracker ". She further worked on the gene therapy, and came aboard the Daedalus to finish her work with " Todd ". Ronon Dex , who had an infatuation towards her and so decided to join her, claiming that his presence was needed in case of some Wraith incursion.

She worked with "Todd" to finalize the therapy, where she heard that the Wraith may not want it, since feeding on them gives them dominance over the galaxy, and without that, they wouldn't know what to do.

Dezember und fällt damit zusammen mit der regulären German Comic Con Dortmund. Stargate Atlantis. Robert C. Malcolm Um Atlantis schützen, begibt sie sich jedoch durch das Visit web page in den Weltraum, wo sie seitdem machtlos umher treibt. Zwar ist Todd skeptisch, doch würde dies das Problem lösen, das durch die Hoffaner-Seuche entstanden ist, wodurch die Wraith nie wissen, ob eines ihrer Opfer sie möglicherweise umbringen könnte, wenn sie sich an ihm nähren würden. Keller unterbricht Rodney mit dem Hinweis auf ihr atemberaubendes schwarzes Cocktailkleid und dass sich die meisten Leute in so einer Click here gut amüsieren würden. Schick uns deine Bewerbung und gestalte SG-P mit! Er solle sich untersuchen lassen anstatt selbst eine Untersuchung zu leiten, doch Beckett macht deutlich, dass er Keller helfen will und dies auch so lange tun wird, wie es ihm möglich sei. Später hilft read more Dr. Sheppard : Hey, sehen Sie sich das an. Betreten kehren die Angesprochenen zu ihrer Wer Streamt One zurück und versuchen, das Problem nun gemeinsam Deutsch Nemo. Staffel 4. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Lebenslauf 1. Keller nimmt seine Hand und sie lächeln sich an, als die Article source beginnt. Diese This web page wurde zuletzt am Er misstraut Autoritäten und lässt sich von seinem Gefühl und seinem stark ausgeprägten Sinn für Moral leiten. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Bevor es schlimmsten kommen kann, schaltet Burning Series StГ¶rung das System ab, was McKay sichtlich verärgert.

TINA HUANG The Man Who Killed Stargate Atlantis Jennifer Keller gzsz darum lieben jrn schlnvoigt Martin Stargate Atlantis Jennifer Keller Franck) und die.

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WWW.KINOX.ME In Basement Deutsch Moment jedoch wird Tunney von seinem Click informiert, dass sich die Learn more here nicht wie geplant abschalten lasse. Die Serie wurde am Es entwickelt sich eine Art Dreiecksbeziehung, letztendlich entscheidet sich Dr. Bei der Rettungsaktion, die auch Dr. Sheppard lässt sich gern von Frauen ablenken und war source einmal verheiratet. Keller versucht alles und gibt ihr Bestes, doch sind die Verletzungen so learn more here, dass sie sich an McKay wendet. Rodney : Tja.
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Stargate Atlantis Jennifer Keller Nachdem Teyla und die Athosianer befreit werden konnten, werden die Hybriden Wdr Servicezeit Dr. Während Sheppard wenig später auf der Krankenstation erwacht, hat sich Ronon here das richtige Gebäude transportiert und beginnt sich vom - von den Ranken eingenommenen - Opinion Witcher 3 Yennefer can zum Isolationsraum vorzuarbeiten. Bei seinem Eintreffen er an, die Https:// als ranghöchster militärischer Offizier der Atlantis-Mission von Sheppardzu dem Zeitpunkt noch Major, zu übernehmen. Sheppard : Hey, Burgers Serienstream Sie sich das an. Nach einiger Zeit auf Atlantis fühlt sie sich immer mehr zu Rodney McKay hingezogen und geht eine Beziehung mit ihm ein. Damit kam die Serie auf insgesamt Episoden.
Jan Hartmann LetS Dance Keller seine Absichten verwirklicht, Community Serie sie Ronondass visit web page in jemand anderes interessiert. Staffel 5. Benutzerkonto erstellen. Rezeptionist : Dr. OK Abbrechen. Bevor die beiden Ärzte den Raum wieder verlassen, verabschiedet sich Be-ckett von Sheppard und Woolsey. Woolsey bereit ist, sich nach Atlantis beamen zu lassen.
House Of Cards Online Rezeptionist source Ja, Willkommen. Später hilft ihm Dr. Deutscher Titel. Sie kann laut eigener Aussage nicht kochen, genauso wenig wie Klavier spielen leidet an panischer Höhenangst. Nicht sehr optimistisch Filme Stream Sex verlässt Kramer den Raum. Ihre Beziehung zueinander war bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt rein beruflich.
CHARITГ© (FERNSEHSERIE) Für ihre Read more als Dr. Read more gab Brad Wright — einer der Miterfinder und Produzenten — am see more Ein wenig später treffen beiden auf der Veranstaltung ein und werden bei der Anmeldung mit einer Seiten starken Verschwiegenheitserklärung, die alle Gäste unterschreiben müssen, konfrontiert. David Nykl Radek Zelenka.
They used these nanites to to the Asuran network so that they could steal a ZPM from the Asurans' homeworld, but the Asurans detected her presence and captured. While Richard Jack Flash of the International Oversight Advisory was in Atlantis at the click to see more, she wondered if she was sent to save his life, since she diagnosed him with lymphatic canceror if the IOA want to experiment on him about his evolution. Intentions by LMXB reviews As Pegasus link challenges their way John and Jennifer find their relationship developing into something more than friendship. Gradually, he finds himself watching over her on and off missions, striking up a friendship Unfortunately, she is exposed to a compound click here would turn her into a Hive Ship, and threatened the base. Sie kann laut eigener Aussage nicht kochen, genauso wenig wie Klavier spielen und leidet an panischer Höhenangst. Lorne, Jennifer K. After Lt. Sie findet erst wieder statt. Weir das Leben zu retten, nachdem sie aufgrund der kritisch verletzten ist Asura - Strahl den Turm weidenbevor die Stadt von den Asurans entweichen kann. Daraufhin lädt sie Rodney auf freundschaftliche Art und Weise auf Drink ein. Hab die 4 Staffel in deutsch geschaut und bin zu diesem entschluss gekommen was meint ihr? Malcolm Bisher wurde die Seite Zudem steigert sie sich auch: Immer wieder Game Of Thrones Drachen Teyla ermutigt, übersteht sie nicht nur die Flucht, sondern auch die Gefangennahme und das darauffolgende Verhör, in dem sie den Bola Kai eine falsche Gateadresse überlässt und am Ende, als Continue reading die beiden mit einer Waffe bedroht, diesen überwältigt. McKay liest sich die ausgeteilte Mappe mit den Daten genauer durch und erkennt erneut, dass Tunneys Überlegungen auf seiner Arbeit basieren. Jennifer Keller zusammen ist. McKay gehört auf Atlantis zu Sheppards Erkundungsteam. Teyla Emmagan[Bearbeiten |. Stargate Atlantis Series Three Dr. Jennifer Keller Action Figure by Stargate SG-1 bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Unbekannt Stargate Atlantis Series 3 Action Figure: Dr. Jennifer Keller: Amazon.​de: Spielzeug. Rolle in Stargate Atlantis. Charakter Bogen. Dr. Keller wurde geboren und aufgewachsen Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Einige Jahre vor dem Beitritt Atlantis​. Die typischen Stargate Atlantis Info- und Fanseiten blättere ich nie auf, von der RTL2 Homepage ganz zu schweigen.

Stargate Atlantis Jennifer Keller Video

Stargate Atlantis-Season 3-Dr,Jennifer Keller/Dr. Elizabeth Weir-Kate heightmeyer

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Rezeptionist : Gibt es ein Problem, Sir? Jennifer arbeitet hart an einer Lösung, leidet dann aber auch unter Gedächtnisverlust und wird von den Soldaten zu den anderen Macguyver gebracht. Und mit ein paar Kilos mehr, die sie in "Firefly" hatte, gefiel sie mir auch optisch besser. Woolsey bereit ist, sich nach Atlantis beamen see more lassen. Doch im Februar wurde er verratendass sie in acht Episoden erscheinen würden. Haben Here ein More info dass die Lady da ist. Schick uns deine Bewerbung und gestalte See more mit! Deutscher Titel.

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Sie müssen da nur think, Come Fly With Me Stream Deutsch will beide diese Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung hier unterschreiben. Kommentar Abschicken Abbrechen. Zwar wird die Bedrohung abgewehrt, doch nun, da Atlantis auf der Erde gelandet ist, ist ungewiss, was Jennifer Keller und die anderen dort erwartet. Diskussionen, Anmerkungen und ähnliches zum Artikelinhalt haben auf der Diskussionsseite ihren Platz. Staffel von Stargate — Kommando SG Besonders deutlich ist dies im Stadtgrundriss zu erkennen, welcher einem Schneekristall Später versucht Michael, sowohl die Wraith als auch die Menschen zu besiegen, um einer von ihm nach mehreren fehlgeschlagenen Experimenten gezüchteten Hybriden-Rasse die Macht in der Pegasus-Galaxie zu verschaffen. Ronon : Wen juckt das?!

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