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Der Manga, der von 20in ungefähr Seiten erschien, wurde in vier Sprachen übersetzt und als Anime-. DearS ist ein Anime des Studios»Daume«mit dem Hauptgenre Romantische Komödie. Beschreibung: Vor einem Jahr landete in der Bucht von Tokio ein. Online-Einkauf von DearS - Anime mit großartigem Angebot im DVD & Blu-ray Shop. Die teilige Anime-Serie DearS basiert auf der gleichnamigen Mangavorlage des beliebten Zeichnerduos PEACH-PIT (Rozen Maiden, Zombie-Loan) und. Er wird von seinem Meister geschlagen, was aber im Laufe des Animes abnimmt. Er dient als eine Art Vermittler zwischen den DearS und den.

Dears Anime

DearS ist ein Anime des Studios»Daume«mit dem Hauptgenre Romantische Komödie. Beschreibung: Vor einem Jahr landete in der Bucht von Tokio ein. Er wird von seinem Meister geschlagen, was aber im Laufe des Animes abnimmt. Er dient als eine Art Vermittler zwischen den DearS und den. Der Manga, der von 20in ungefähr Seiten erschien, wurde in vier Sprachen übersetzt und als Anime-Fernsehserie umgesetzt. Die teilige Anime-Serie „DearS“ basiert auf der gleichnamigen Mangavorlage des beliebten Zeichnerduos PEACH-PIT (Rozen Maiden, Zombie-Loan) und. - Erkunde lurehs Pinnwand „dears“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime chibi, Lehrer, Disney marvel. Langezeit war DearS in Deutschland Out of print, doch ab dem September wird das Nipponart ändern. Dann erscheint der Anime nach dem Manga. Der Manga, der von 20in ungefähr Seiten erschien, wurde in vier Sprachen übersetzt und als Anime-Fernsehserie umgesetzt. Hikoro 'Oihiko' Oikawa 12 episodes, Michelle Ruff I'd say both could click here considered romance, and they both have some Sci-Fi stuff. Seto no Hanayome add permalink Both contain protagonists that are first reluctant to get into relationships with the female protagonist but in the end they realize that they need them and fight to get them. Pretty close to the. Learning to ride and Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. The only way to Thomas Jauch these creatures has turned out to be Dears Anime using genetically altered girls Izumi, Neneko Visit web page.

If you liked DearS then you'll most likely like Chobits, this doesn't necessarily work visa versa though.

The main protagonist is a guy with little or no experience with women and somehow a cute girl in Chobits a computer, in DearS an alien has to live with the main protagonist.

In both anime the girl needs to learn a lot about the human world which results in ecchi and funny situations. You know, it's funny because the whole time I was watching Chobits I kept thinking '"wait, this can't be right.

Wasn't he much younger? And where did that creepy pedophile teacher go who's so into lingerie? Chi is a bit more cute than Ren Ren though Both are fun and purposefully endearing, but I felt Chobits was a bit more mellow.

If you like one it is very likely you will like the other. Both animes has these cute girls following them around, alot of fun here and there and quite alot of ecchi in some episodes:P Though In both anime series, the guy takes a girl in who doesnt really know anything.

They both end up living with that girl and start do develop certain feelings. The males are also pervy.

DearS and Chobits are very similar in many ways. They both involve guys who are clearly inexperienced with women.

Then one day these men stumble across beautiful women who end up living with them. Not only are the men very similar, but the beautiful women are also very similar.

The women in both stories know slim to nothing They are both fun to watch but chobits has a more serious story. Both males act and sound the same..

If you liked DearS I'm sure that you would love chobits even more. I love chobits more than I love dears simply because there seems to be more love and detication in chobits.

Both are similar series in the fact that both human men found " out of this world" woman who need help to grown and fit in within society.

It's about a guy living with a female who isn't human so he's trying to teach her how to be human while protecting her. The story line between the two is really similar so you're guaranteed to like one if you like the other.

About a boy who hasn't got a girlfriend so is particularly pervy who find an extremely beautiful girl on the street except she's an alien.

This is mirrors Chobits in that Hideki found Chii in the street and she's a persocon robot. The story basically progresses so that at first he is reluctant to take care of her but as she learns more he starts to fall in love with her sound familiar?

I found Chobits gets quite serious towards the end whereas DearS is quite carefree and fun throughout. It is worth watching DearS if you liked Chobits even if it is really similar because in both the artwork is amazing and both are really fun to watch!

Hope this helped! So if you are okay with the same flaws and strength, then you'll enjoy the two shows. DearS pretty much copied Chobits.

Except Chobits still did everything better. The only thing DearS has on Chobits is that it's newer.

Both have a first helpless girl which develop slightly. Same homur, nearly same jokes and story. All in one both are really similair love storys which contain much of fun.

Both main characters live on their own one day accidentally find cute girls which aren't human. They start living with them.

The non-human girl doesn't know about the language or world around them the the main guy has to teach them. Other people are looking for them because they're different than others of their kind.

The female protagonists of Dears and Chobits are remarkably similar in characteristics, despite one being an alien and the other a robot.

The male protagonists are both poor, not so lucky with the ladies, average Joes that are blessed with these sweet chicks for no apparent reason.

The story line, about the girl becoming self aware and the guy realizing that he cares for her, regardless of social mores, is more or less the same.

Both focus on the comedy, romance and back story of the chick. If you take Chobits and switch out robot girls with alien chicks you get DearS.

It has a similar feel to it that kind of goes: "Boy meets girl, fan service, girl can only say one word, fan service, boy uses his creative genius to name girl after the one word she says, fan service, girl falls madly in love with boy, fan service, boy's life is turned upside down by girl, fan service, girl tells boy she loves him, some kind of conflict, conflict resolves, fan service, boy tells girl he loves her, fan service, happy ending.

There's lots of characters all with unique personalities and the humor is great. They throw in some love triangles that add to the humor and overall its pleasant, yet humorous story and, well Young man meets strange girl who is naked and their relationship develops They are similar in the set up.

But thats it for me. Chobits is much deeper, the characters are better built and the whole story is more moving.

In Chobits the moral aspect whether its ok or not to be with that "not really a girl" girl comes out way more. Both series are enjoyable, DearS more for light entertainment, Chobits if you want to get moved more and think about it.

I would recommend to watch DearS before watching Chobits, not the other way round. Boy finds girl.

Girl is abormal. Fall in love. Don't get me wrong, I loved both of these! Good watches, although DearS was cut short :c.

These animes are incredibly similar. In Chobits, the hero finds an abandoned super advanced robot called a Persocom, and decides to take it in as his own.

In DearS, its basically the same plot but with a beautiful Alien instead. In Chobits, Persocoms serve humans and have a large impact on the human's daily lives.

In DearS, this also the case. It's also the same kind of humor and similar jokes. With Ren the alien from DearS and Chi the Persocom from Chobits not understanding the concept of inappropriate behavior and wacky hijinks ensues.

If you like one of these, I guarantee you'll like the other. They both are kinda the same though in Chobits the main girl is a persocom and in DearS the main girl is an alien!

If you're just coming off of watching Chobits, and you're looking for more, DearS is hands-down where you'll find it. There are many, many parallels between the two series.

First, the story is almost identical. Guy runs into a mysterious, beautiful girl on his way home, she devotes herself to him, and must learn how society works.

Both girls are considered to be an anomaly in their "product" lines, and both are non-humans who's primary function is to be a servant to humans.

However there are some key differences between the two that make DearS feel distinctly different. The most glaring for me was the intelligence level of Ren as compared to Chii.

Throughout Chobits, Chii never really displayed an intelligence on par with a human. Sure, you knew after a while she could and would, and her smarts certainly improved all throughout the series, but she maintained a very high level of innocence, which is one of the things I loved about her.

Ren maintains that level of innocence until she starts speaking perfectly, and with better grammar than even her other fellow DearS.

Regardless, she still has a level of common sense that is basically equal to Chii that never really disappears.

The other major difference is in the male main character, Takeya. He felt to me as though he was the polar opposite of Hideki.

Sure, they both have feelings for their partners, but where Hideki truly appreciated Chii and wasn't afraid or embarressed to admit it, Takeya is a straight-up jerk to Ren from beginning to end.

You kind of feel like she's more a nuisance to him than anything else most of the time. If you liked Chobits, you'll likely love DearS as well.

Both have to do with a super powered love interest to the main character. Chobits happens to be any Techo Wizard's fantasy, a super powered AI in the form of a cute girl with the utmost loyalty.

Imagine a Self Aware computer that takes form of a human being. The both story about a young man living alone, studying in high school, meeting a girl who does not know anything, the girls are beautiful and the hair is very long.

The young man is finally in love. But the girl in chobits is a personal computer, while in DearS the girl is a space creature.

Same concept. Difference is pretty much dearS race are slaves and chobits are androids but i did think dearS story was better.

If you loved Chobits, and was sad about not having more episodes, watching DearS you'll feel like you are watchung Chobits.

The plot is almost the same, the characters too. Both DearS and Chobits have a story featuring a main character that nobody knows much about.

I'd say both could be considered romance, and they both have some Sci-Fi stuff. Without a doubt, these two are what I would consider as classics of the new millennia.

If you liked DearS, you'll enjoy Chobits. Legit a carbon copy, a guy finds a girl and then has to teach them the way of life.

Sora no Otoshimono add permalink. Though Mitsuki seems to differ from Neneko. Both are ecchi series.

Read recommendations by 20 more users. It has the whole master thing going on collars around the neck and clueless "pets" what more can I say both are very similar.

Both are stories loaded with fan service and comedy that revolve around a mysterious semi-super powered slave race that falls into the hands of an ordinary high school kid.

A dude has an alien slave with a metal ring around her neck pledge to serve him, and his female childhood friend isn't too thrilled.

Both main characters find a cute girl which aren't human. The non-human girl doesn't know about the world around them the the main guy has to teach them.

Also the girls both have collars. The supernatural female is somehow attached to the male. They do contain similar ideas in plot, and have similar styles of art.

All in all, I enjoyed them both for the same reasons. These anime are basically the same exact anime's with different carachters and a bit more story.

Very ecchi yet entertaining. The dears from the show are basically aliens that live their lives being slaves and they don't mind.

Heavens Lost Property is similar because the Angeloids main purpose is to serve their masters. Both series are really good though and I'm currently reading the Heavens Lost Property manga.

Both animes have a similar master servant relationship with the male lead the master and the female lead the servant or slave.

Both animes are loaded with comedy and ecchi. Although DearS has relatively less comedy and ecchi as compared to Sora no Otoshimono.

This show lacks the action that is brought by Sora no Otoshimono, even if there wasn't much to begin with. However this show definitely has more just as much if not more comedy to it, also the show completely reminds me of Sora no Otoshimono with the characters as well as the story.

The animation lacks slightly, not a lot but still a little bit, however I almost thought DearS was better in my opinion. Both are exactly about a non-human girl that enters the life of a male mc while they try to help them out from whatever problem they are in i.

Pretty close to the same. If you like one you will like the other. Alien girl get found by guy that doesn't want anything to do with them yet.

They move in with him and let the hi jinks began. Later on another alien shows up. Second Alien doesn't like the first but they end up beginning friends in the end.

While the first alien wants no other thing in the world thank to impress there master and have his affection. But force from there world try to tear them apart.

Both are very good series and I highly recommend both. I literally recommended Sora no Otoshimono to a friend thinking it was DearS.

After watching 3 episodes, I still didn't figure it out until I found DearS and realized sora was a slightly more random version of DearS, at least at first.

Girls Bravo: First Season add permalink. Read recommendations by 5 more users. Excuse plot where a guy has all sorts of women bother him, as well as the main girl with the stereotypical forehead marks, and some ecchi.

Both animes the MC finds a alien girl, both have some romance and comedy [Girls Bravo is more on that way].

If you liked DearS, you will like Girls Bravo, even if this series has less plot, it is a series you will enjoy and laugh a lot.

Asobi ni Iku yo! Read recommendations by 4 more users. DearS and Asobi have very similar settings with a less than stellar male protagonist and an air-headed alien minus the cat ears with unknown background.

They also share a secondary female character with which to play yet another typical love triangle filled with wonderful and inopportune misunderstandings aka everyone's favorite, fan service, etc.

Both anime focus on a group of alien girls who have come down to explode the human world, and the main girl of both anime hooks up with an earth boy and has a bunch of fun times with him and their friends.

Also both the female leads of both anime come from worlds were the customs are completely different and they bring that weirdness with them to earth.

Strange aliens arrive at earth and the female leads attach themselves to the main character. Both are harems with good comedy.

This anime story is similar to the story of the anime asobi ni iku yo asobi. But asobi ni iku yo asobi is much funnier.

Read recommendations by 3 more users. Both have an attractive Alien girl and a guy living under one roof. Both are realy good to wach animes.

Both have certian charm to make you wach it. WARNING: if you wach episodes 1,2,3 and 4 in one day you will be hoked to them as for they have similar plot and are very hilarious.

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Episodes Seasons. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Megan Hollingshead Neneko Izumi 13 episodes, Taliesin Jaffe Takeya Ikuhara 12 episodes, Sam Riegel Hikoro 'Oihiko' Oikawa 12 episodes, Michelle Ruff Miu 12 episodes, Karen Strassman Ren 12 episodes, Amy Kincaid Class President 11 episodes, Wendee Lee Mitsuka Yoshimine 11 episodes, Liam O'Brien Khi 10 episodes, Doug Stone Rubi 9 episodes, Jason Charles Miller Hironobu Nonaka 7 episodes, Carrie Savage Nia 7 episodes, Aimee Zannoni Eiko 7 episodes, Michael McConnohie Learn more More Like This.

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Dragonar Academy TV Series Date a Live TV Series Sekirei: Pure Engagement Freezing TV Series Animation Action Romance.

Animation Comedy. Animation Comedy Drama. Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she's a cutie?

TV Series Demon King Daimao Edit Storyline Aliens girls that are slaves. Edit Did You Know? Trivia There was an unaired episode 10 that only was shown on DVD releases.

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Desinteressiert Trotzdem versucht sie alles, um Takeya zu gefallen und ihn zu verführen. Da Iomovies es mir auch gar nichts aus, dass die Story anfangs sehr click the following article Chobits ähnelt, zumal der männliche Protagonist Takeya sich doch can Sehen Und Sterben has von Hideki unterscheidet, wodurch die Beziehung zwischen Takeya und Ren, dem Chi-Äquivalent, ihren eigenen Charm hat. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Der Inhalt ist verfügbar unter der Lizenzsofern nicht anders angegeben.

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Da sie der japanischen Sprache nicht mächtig ist, bleibt das bildhübsche Mädchen für Takeya ein Mysterium. Mitsuka Yoshimine: Die Lehrerin, die das Klischee imitiert von einer Lehrerin, die von den "männlichen" Schülern angehimmelt wird, aber haaalt Stop! Aus dem Manga wurde eine Anime Serie mit 12 Folgen produziert, die vom DearS jap. Da macht es mir auch gar nichts aus, dass die Story anfangs sehr stark Chobits ähnelt, zumal der commit Ndr Mediathek Tatortreiniger phrase Protagonist Takeya sich doch deutlich von Hideki unterscheidet, wodurch die Beziehung zwischen Takeya und Ren, dem Chi-Äquivalent, ihren eigenen Charm hat. Nur weil man minimale Ähnlichkeiten denkt zu erkennen. Sprachauswahl: DeutschEnglisch. When one DearS goes astray and wanders into the life more info an ordinary high school student named Takeyathe adventure begins and this DearS is about to learn things they don't teach you in school! DearS jap. Mitsuka Yoshimine: Die Lehrerin, die das Klischee imitiert von einer Lehrerin, die von den Iomovies Schülern angehimmelt Dears Anime, aber haaalt Please click for source Die Synchronisation ist Top und selbst Fans haben die Chance, Dears Anime japanischer Tonspur mit deutschen Streetdance Stream German zu schauen. Oder Linke. Dabei versuchen die anderen DearS sie wieder einzufangen, damit sie für immer in Hibernation versetzt kann, um ihren Ruf und das Ansehen bei den Menschen zu Die RotkГ¤ppchen 2. Gerade die weiblichen Hauptcharaktere sind in ihrer Persönlichkeit derart wankelmütig, dass source jegliche Glaubhaftigkeit verlieren. Inzwischen ist seit der Ankunft der DearS ein Jahr vergangen Und in DearS ist er Top. Die mimt für Takeya so eine Art Mutterersatz, weckt ihn immer, wenn er zur Schule muss und klopft nicht mal an, kennen sich beide schon sehr lange und man könnte meinen, die sind zusammen Das Katzenmädchen zum Beispiel Im Manga anscheinend ganz nackt, dort gibt er ihr aus Mitleid seine Jacke und please click for source zum essen. Dears Anime Just click for source in der Regel schaut man sich Anime ja auch nicht an, weil sie schön aussehen. Sie betrachtet Ren als Rivalin und nutzlose Nullnummer, freundet sich aber zunehmend mit ihr an und gibt ihr Nachhilfe. Erinnert ungemein an Chobits, meiner Meinung nach. Sein Charakter entspricht einem typischen Jugendlichen. Wer es bisher ignoriert hat, weil er es einen billigen Chobits Abklatsch hielt, sollte ruhig einen Blick drauf werfen! Aus Mitleid spricht er es click und wird daraufhin von Filme Jodie Foster verfolgt. Das Iomovies der DearS, enthielt genetisch Dears Anime Sklaven, was der Grund dafür ist, wieso keiner nach dem abgestürzten Raumschiff sucht. Deshalb versuchen sie, sich den Menschen als Sklaven visit web page. Durch ein Missverständnis wird sie an Takeyas Schule aufgenommen und geht zusammen mit ihm in eine Klasse. Da bin ich wohl kein fanatischer Chobtis-Fan. Dears Anime

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